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Adobe is providing optimized Adobe® Flash® Player technology to Google and Yahoo! to enhance search engine indexing of the Flash file format (SWF) and uncover information that is currently undiscoverable by search engines. This will provide more relevant automatic search rankings of the millions of RIAs and other dynamic content that run in Adobe Flash Player.

Although search engines already index static text and links within SWF files, RIAs and dynamic Web content have been generally difficult to fully expose to search engines because of their changing states a problem also inherent in other RIA technologies.

David Wadhwani, General manager and vice president of the Platform Business Unit at Adobe. We are initially working with Google and Yahoo! to significantly improve search of this rich content on the Web, and we intend to broaden the availability of this capability to benefit all content publishers, developers and end users.

Bill Coughran, senior vice president of engineering at Google. Through our recent collaboration with Adobe, we now help Web site owners that choose to design sites with Adobe Flash software by indexing this content better. Improving how we crawl dynamic content will ultimately enhance the search experience for our users.

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Adobe Flash Technology Enhances Search Results for Dynamic Content and Rich Internet Applications


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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Email marketing are the two best bets for your marketing dollar, according to a new report from UK Based eConsultancy in conjunction with Clash-Media. “Viral marketing” landed on the other end of the spectrum based on the feedback of 600 companies.

* A greater proportion of lead generation budget is being spent on online (on
average, 53%) than offline (44%).

* Compared to 2007, PPC is getting a bigger proportion of online lead generation
budgets even though natural search is perceived to be better value for the money.

* PPC now gets a third of this budget (33%) compared to 28% in 2007. Meanwhile, SEO
now only gets 15% of the budget compared to 18% last year.

* Companies are now investing more in their in-house email marketing. The average
proportion of budget devoted to this has increased from 10% to 15%.

* The biggest fallers since 2007 are affiliate
(from 50% to 43%), email marketing - rented lists (from 33% to 28%) and viral marketing (from 35% to 22%).

Read Full Detail News at - B2C Lead Report. Good News For SEO’s and Email Marketers.


Mobile Phone Ads for Google
Google consider mobile internet to be the next major advertising platform. Google CEO Eric Schmidt predict that mobile advertising will generate more revenue than advertising on the normal web. Schmidt was less enthusiastic about the advertising possibilities of online video portal YouTube and DoubleClick.

Cloud Computing was another trend the Google boss considered "very interesting". Google would also be going head to head with Microsoft and Yahoo in the management of large computer centers.

Source : Google boss has high hopes for the mobile internet


Google has rolled out Website Optimizer, a tool that Webmasters can use to test variations of a site's content and design to increase conversions. The free tool is available at, and the search giant has also launched an accompanying blog, tutorial and discussion board.

Source : Google Brings Free Website Optimizer Tool Out Of Beta


Alexa changed !

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Alexa has changed their rating system - their official news announcement says that NOW more sources will be used to come to a rating, also they claim to be using NEW algorithms that will determine the rating even better.

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Yahoo Blog

To compete Google, Yahoo will be making some changes to their crawling, indexing and ranking algorithms. Read more at Yahoo! Search Index Update

Yahoo Blog says "The Yahoo! Local team had that in mind when they rolled out a new feature to help everyone from the consummate explorer to the geographically-challenged find local businesses quicker and more easily"


Benchmarking only works if people can opt to share their data into the system, so google also introduce a new data-sharing settings page. On this page, customers can choose whether to opt in or opt out of sharing their Analytics data.

Benchmarking lets you compare your metrics against industry verticals.

To enable this optional new feature, an administrator on Google analytics account will need to make the following selections on the Google Analytics data sharing settings page:

1. Log into your account. You'll see the yellow data sharing settings box on
the Analytics Settings page.

2. Click the "More data sharing options" link within the yellow box.

3. Select the second checkbox to specify that you want to share your data
"Anonymously with Google products and the benchmarking service". You can
also choose to share your data "With Google products only" to take advantage
of advanced Google advertising products and services as they become

: Benchmarking now available plus additional opt-in settings